Storing Bananas In The Fridge

Do you have a home full of crazy primal banana eating children?!

Bananas are a staple of this house.  I have an ongoing balance struggle with having that perfect ripe golden banana to eat.  Seem’s more often than not they are either hard & green or it’s time to make banana bread, 😉  This problem has prompted me to do a little research on those little yellow sticks of goodness.

There are different ideas and opinions as to whether bananas should or should not be stored in the refrigerator. Some of these opinions are based off and old wives tale that placing bananas in the fridge will cause poison gas or other toxins, making not only the bananas bad but the other foods. Others have the idea that storing bananas in the refrigerator will turn them all mushy and make them taste nasty. What is really true? Bananas are a tropical fruit and putting them in a cold climate will turn the banana skin brown and stop the ripening process. However, storing them in a cold temperature, such as the fridge, will not make them inedible. The enzymes in the banana that cause it to ripen are slowed down, keeping the banana in good condition for eating later in the week. What causes the banana to look rotten are the polyphenyl oxidase enzymes found in the banana, these enzymes cause the peel in the banana to turn brown.

Why should you store your bananas in the fridge? To keep bananas from getting too ripe too quick, store bananas in the fridge. The cool air will slow the ripening process in the bananas. The skin will darken but the banana will still be at preferred ripeness for a few extra days.  (Who knew?! 😉  ) To keep bananas for a long period of time, it is best to buy them when they are green. Separate the bananas and place them away from ripe fruits. Ripened fruit produce a gas called ethylene, which causes the fruits around it to ripen faster. Storing bananas away from ripe fruit will keep them longer. Once the bananas reach desired ripeness, place bananas in the refrigerator. Unripe bananas shouldn’t be stored in the fridge. It will interrupt the ripening process and bananas may not be able to continue ripening after returning to room temperature.

If you want to cause the bananas to ripen faster, place them with other ripened fruit. Another way for speeding up the process is placing the bananas in a paper bag with an apple or tomato. The ethylene gas produced by these fruits will cause the banana to ripen quicker. Can’t eat all the bananas before they get too ripe? Try freezing them. Take off the peel and store them in a freezer safe bag, in the freezer. You can use them in smoothies, baking recipes or shakes another time.  Throw a whole banana in the freezer with the skin in tact and it will give you more of a banana puree result.  I have found this to be my most desired texture for making banana breads and muffins.  🙂

Want to learn more about why you should store your bananas in the fridge? Here are some site that might be helpful! 😉

Now that we know…. Let ‘s go get bananas!!!! 🙂

Dancing Bananas

Love, Light, Insight & Blessings To All!! 🙂

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