Healthier Changes… In Your Time And Your Fashion

 Do you want to live a happier healthier life?

Yeah, me too.  Do you want to do the best you can for your family?  Yeah, me too.  Do you often feel you fall short of this goal?  Yeah, me too.  😉

People, people & more people.  We are all just people.  That’s what makes this crazy world go round. 🙂 We are all different and it’s a good thing. Difference creates a dynamic existence and keeps life interesting.

There are people I like to refer to as the “From Scratch” people. These folks are FABULOUS at doing all things, all the time, usually to perfection. Think.. Martha Stewart.

There are also people that are the… “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!” people. These folks would pay any  price for not having to deal with all those time consuming details.  They’ve got better use for their time and there’s nothing wrong with that.  😉

Let’s not forget there is a whole spectrum in between. I tend to go in spurts and move around myself.  Like many I know, I get crazy into baking/cooking from scratch in the fall.  Although I know it is healthier for my family if I’m in the kitchen cooking from scratch…. I really can’t be bothered with it all that much in the summer. Don’t even think of asking me to bake you cookies in July, lol. I could just as well live off cereal and sandwiches in the summer.  🙂

Do you prefer to bake a cake from scratch? Do you prefer a box cake mix, where you get some satisfaction on putting your hands on it? .. OR.. Do you prefer to go to the Piggly Wiggly and just buy the darn cake and call it good? It’s all good.

I often make mention that the drive behind my mindset of improving our health is not based on “perfection” but rather awareness. While I know perfection is a far reach, I’m pretty sure being more aware encourages us all to “do” better in general. We may not do right ALL the time but awareness helps.

Though I struggle daily,  I do what I can and try to forgive myself when I fall short.  Good thing Young Living actually has an oil named Forgiveness, lol. 😉

No matter what is trying to be improved… Fitness, Finance, Family, Fun, Faith, Field or Friends… (Shout out to all the Oola Life peeps 😉 ) If we do SOME better, it ALL gets better. The important thing is to just keep “doing”. Wheather it’s eating cleaner, moving more, reducing toxic chemicals in your home…  Make changes along this more natural journey and do what feels right for you.  It’s your path, no one else’s. 😉

Love, Light, Insight & Blessings To All! 🙂

Now For Just A Spot Of Fun~You’re Welcome.

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