Hello everyone & welcome to my “natural” world.  🙂

I am Michelle, a stay at home mom of 3 boys. Since becoming a mom, I have begun a more natural health & wellness protocol for my family. What goes in their body, what goes on their body, what they breathe….. You get my point.  😉

Don’t get me wrong!….  I am NOT a crunchy, granola, unshaved kind of gal, lol (not that there’s anything wrong with that, teehee)  I’m just a mom that is overwhelmed by this chemical environment that our babies are growing up in. One hundred years ago humans were not oversaturated with all the unnatural things we are today. Back in the day there was no such thing as “Organic” food. FOOD WAS ORGANIC…. PERIOD. LOL! Anyway, I hope you get where I’m coming from. Just a regular mom here, trying to do the best I can for my family.

My Young Living Essential Oil Story

Along this journey of many paths I came across Young Living Essential Oils.  I didn’t know anything about essential oils when I heard my friend was hosting an Oil 101 class. I felt drawn to check them out. I attended the class and ordered my Premium Starter Kit that night. A week after ordering my kit our family got an unexpected surprise in the form of a job relocation from Michigan to North Carolina. My Essential Oil kit showed up 1 week before the moving trucks came and into a box it went. Once settled, I excitedly dove into my PSK (Premium Starter Kit). I was like a child looking into a whole new world of possibilities. It was fun!  It was an adventure! I quickly fell in love.

I love love love to research, create and experiment with new things. I began researching each essential oil that came in my stater kit to see what it could be used for. I also began researching different things that I felt my family specifically needed support with. Time after time I was amazed and delighted at the results obtained from using my Young Living Essential Oils.

Fast forward nearly 4 years later…..  I am now 100% sure that Young Living Essential Oils are a permanent fixture in our family’s lives. Whether or not I ever sell a single bottle of oil, I will whole heartedly be sharing this with all who will listen, lol. 🙂


Love, Light, Insight & Blessings To All 🙂